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Video Management Software



Video Management SoftwareSMART Professional Surveillance System
  • The configurations of access control are newly supported in V1.16.1.
  • Advanced E-map features are newly supported in V1.16.1.
  • Support IPC, PTZ, NVR, EVS, HCVR, NKB, VDP, Access Control and etc.
  • Support 4K cameras.
  • Support H.265 streams.
  • Support IPv6 devices.
  • Support Windows 10.
  • Support Smart Track.
  • Support multiple tour tasks.
  • One channel can be split into different windows.
  • Multiple channels can be previewed in channel zero.
  • Auto find/import/export supported.
  • Easy to manage up to 256 devices or 2000 channels.
  • Up to 36channels synchronous playback.
  • Time bar and events playback modes available.
  • Support joystick to control PTZ cameras.
  • Support fisheye camera Virtual PTZ operation by mouse.
  • Alarm can be triggered via different events including IVS.
  • Support e-map, you can clearly view and manage all device locations.
  • PC - NVR enables local storage recording.
  • TV wall configuration and control.
  • Support VDP monitoring, talking, announcement and configuration.
  • Account management supported; and different users share different privileges.
  • Log for event and user activities.
  • Friendly GUI for an easy operation.
  • Support P2P devices.
  • Support fisheye image correction in both live viewing and playback.


Description Size File Type Download
User Manual of SMART PSS 6.2 mb pdf
SmartPSS for Windows 143.51 mb zip