June 14, 2016 -- SecuSafe Pty Ltd, have just been notified today, that the smart device UNIMO Apps, for Android and Apple iOS have been discontinued and terminated, from the relevant App Store. This has come as a complete surprise to SecuSafe, as we have only just been made aware of this situation.

SecuSafe were informed that UNIMO had been purchased by another Korean Company. This new company were to fully support the UNIMO product along with the full support of the mobile smart device apps. We have only just learn that this new Korean Company felt that the UNIMO product was not a product for which they could support, into the future. With this, they have dropped the UNIMO product, and there were no other companies that have taken up on the future support for the UNIMO product.

As the UNIMO product is no longer being supported, the various Apps stores, both Android and Apple iOS have had the accounts closed, it would appear. As we, SecuSafe has no contact with either UNIMO or the new Korean Company we are unable to recover the Apps Store accounts or the Apps themselves.

We are extremely sorry for this unfortunate situation, but wish to inform that SecuSafe are trying everything possible for a resolve to our UNIMO customers. But SecuSafe need to make it understood, that without the direct support from UNIMO or the new Korean Company we may have very little chance to recover any, now terminated Apps.

SecuSafe Pty Ltd Management