New from SecuSafe, is the attractive DigiGuard Matrix IR Turret Network Surveillance IP Camera. Fitted with a 2.8mm@F2.0 security lens, this can achieve an impressive wide angle view of 98° at (1920 x 1080) 2MP and (2048 x 1536) 3MP with a 86° angle of view. With the Matrix IR Illuminator you have auto switched night vision, up to 30m in zero lux conditions. Some of the key features are in the 3D Digital Noise Reduction, and a Digital WDR.

The camera is more than suitable for outdoor installations, with a IP66 Ingress protection. Power for this DigiGuard Camera, can be either 12Volt DC or PoE (802.3af). There are two optional mounting brackets, the AC-WM301 and AC-DB304. Both have cable management and creates that professional finish with any installation.

Both the AC-WM301 Wall Mount Bracket and the convenient AC-DB304 Deep Base Bracket. The brackets help in keeping the cables safe and hidden from danger. They also create the void that allows the connected, terminated cable ends, an easy to access service cavity.

This camera has a Gimbal Ball mount, so that you may mount this camera on either a Horizontal or Vertical Wall mounting surface. The camera's angle of adjustment is Horizontal: 0 - 360°, Vertical: 0 - 75° and can rotate a full 360°, allowing this camera to be mounted on almost any hard surface.

While making the following video we used Mozilla Firefox as the web browser to stream the data from the web server built into the camera. The only plug-ins required for this was to install the latest Web Components plug-in, as this was required to stream into the image page and live view page. 


After opening the sturdy cardboard box, containing all parts, we laid them out. The 80mm CD contained all the manuals and the software that are required to fully install this camera. The manual, top right, gave a general run down of the camera and enough to power it up and view images on a computer, for configuration of the camera. Like most other cameras it comes with mounting hardware, plastic wall plugs and suitable screws. There is also an adhesive drilling template, which is handy and makes mounting the camera very easy. Of course if you are going to utilize the optional camera mounts you would not require the template. Apart from the camera, you are also given a Category cable socket and seal. This bayonet socket will keep out most of the fine dust, but would not allow the RJ45 socket to remain dry, should water spray onto the lead.

Once the camera has been mounted in its final position, the adjustment to made very easily with just one locking screw. Under the dress ring, which is the only plastic part to this camera, you will find this locking screw. When this screw has been loosen the entire camera can be adjusted into the required position and orientation. One very nice feature to this locking screw, is the little cir-clip that retains the screw. So if you loosen the screw to far you will not lose it, as it cannot fall out.

As mentioned before the terminated RJ45 plug is kept safe inside the bayonet plug and socket. There is also a rubber seal that is placed around the Cat cable, to seal out any dust and small amount of water spray. But this plug and socket will not keep out water, so it is suggested to ensure that this plug assemble is retained inside the optioned camera mounts, or inside wall or ceiling cavities.




The camera's main body is constructed out of aluminium, which makes for a very robust camera. The dress ring that hides the camera's base plate is made of plastic. This dress ring rotates and locks into the base plate with ease, and finishes the installation of this camera off very professionally.


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