Churches place great emphasis on creating an open and welcoming environment. It is essential to make sure the equipment and especially the attendees are protected and feel safe at all times.

International Christian Center is a church group which has five locations (West, Imara, Kitengela, Kiserian and Woodlands) in Nairobi, the capital and largest city of Kenya. It is a famous Christian organization where more than ten thousands of Christians visit every week. Uniview provided total video surveillance solution for 5 churches of ICC.

With 240 cameras installed at specific angles in the church, they get a bird’s eye view of things and bring everything in order much more easily. And they can monitor all people in the church hall on their PC or mobile devices. Under the protection of PTZ dome cameras, any possible dangers will not be overlooked. They can deter possible vandals or thieves to have the outside protected. Vandal-proof dome cameras and eyeball cameras are installed in the administration and accommodation area to keep the staff and congregation accountable.

The reliability, integrity and dependability of UNV video systems help to maintain peace and security in Africa, with complete confidence to meet all of the existing and future security challenges.