Valued Hikvision Customers,

As the official Regional Distributor for Hikvision Australia, Secusafe would like to thank all our customers for your support. In return for your continuous support, Secusafe is committed to deliver our best services and products to you, our valued customers.

With our partnership with Hikvision, we are striving towards a future where only genuine Hikvision products can be purchased from official distributors such as SecuSafe.

Hikvision has released a press release regarding the products that are sold by companies who are not authorised by Hikvision, and these Hikvision products are imported from overseas without any quality assurance done to comply with the Australian standards. These products are known as “grey market” products.

Products from these unauthorised channels can be counterfeit, used, modified, or damaged. On top of that, these “grey market” products have been altered in different ways to make the products function in the Australia region. Therefore, the products are no longer in the original factory condition, and the official Hikvision warranty is void.

Aside from that, products purchased through unauthorised channels can have different firmware versions in the products and will not support future firmware upgrades without further tampering of the products. You will not be able to upgrade to the latest English-language firmware, and if you perform a factory default, you risk changing the interface of the products to the Mandarin language. After this is done, you are unable to revert the language settings back to English.

Purchasing through authorised Hikvision Australia Distributors ensures that you receive the benefits of our technical support, project registration, and advance replacement of any camera, recorder, intercom, video server, or software, in addition to Hikvision Australia’s full warranty.

With such a small price difference between buying Hikvision products from official distributors and buying “grey market” products from unauthorised distributors, we highly recommend making sure you are getting the genuine products to save your time and resources in the long-term.

If you suspect you are being sold “grey market” products, please contact Hikvision’s Tech Support hotline at 1300 976 305. They will be able to verify the product’s distributor through the serial number of the product.

We would like to thank you again for your unending support and we wish to serve you for many more years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns about the official status of your
Hikvision distributor before your purchase, please visit partnership link: Secusafe & Hikvision Partnership or refer to the “Partners” tab on Hikvision website

If you would like to read more on the official press release from Hikvision Australia, please click the following link: Hikvision Distribution Management Disclaimer

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